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ApolloPvP Factions Beta Map #2

ApolloPvP Factions Beta Map #2

Welcome to this update!


Map Information

18 Hour Shields, 10 Man, no Ally's.

The Beta map of ApolloPvP will commence Saturday, January 15th at 3pm EST.

TNT enables on Saturday, January 22th at 3pm EST.

All hidden value must be placed before January 28th 3pm EST.

All Shields will be disabled on January 29th at 12pm EST.

Map ends January 29th at 3pm EST.


Why a Beta Map?

We are hosting a Beta map to ensure that all features currently on the server are working flawlessly and up to our standards. If you run into a bug make sure to report it and depending on the severity you will be rewarded. If you have a suggestion make sure to make a suggestion with -suggest in bot-commands.


Total Reward Pool $350 Buycraft 

#1: $100 Buycraft (Guaranteed)

#2: $50 Buycraft (Guaranteed)

#3: $25 Buycraft (Guaranteed)

Payout will be taken each week on Saturday at 3pm EST until the last day of the map.



New Cane System

Bar Gambler

Cane Shop


New Ghast Spawner

Rule Changes

Updated Economy

New Crate Rewards

New Tags

New public cane Warp (/warp cane)



Server Information

🐦 Twitter - https://twitter.com/ApolloPvP_

🛍️️ Store - https://store.apollopvp.biz/

🗨️️ Discord Invite - https://discord.gg/w2fqxz9F7s

🎮 Server IP - play.apollopvp.biz

13 days ago
Media Application Format

Would you like to become apart of our media team here at ApolloPvP? All you have to do is fill out a quick application and we will get to review it shorty. You may obtain the rank from either streaming or recording however the requirements vary.




1. YouTube channel with at least 400 Subscribers

2. Average of 150 views after 72 hours per video

3. At least 2 videos per month uploaded on ApolloPvP


1. Twitch Affiliate

2. 12 average viewers

3. At least 4 streams per month on ApolloPvP

4. At least 8 hours streamed per month



Partner is not an open position, if you however feel you deserve partner, join our discord and open a ticket and ask! If you would like to apply for our media rank you may use the proper format as listed below.


Media Application Format (For YouTubers):

IGN (In-Game Name): 

YouTube channel link:

Amount of subscribers:

How many videos do you plan to upload on the server per week?:

SocialBlade link:

Additional Information?:

Media Application Format (For Streamers):

IGN (In-Game Name): 

Twitch channel link:

Amount of followers:

How many streams have you done on the server?:

What are your average viewers per stream?:

13 days ago
Staff Application Format

If you would like to become a staff member here at the ApolloPvP Network, you must submit an application to us for it to be reviewed.


1. You must be at least 16 years old or above.

No Exceptions

2. You must have general knowledge of factions. Just because you have staffed on a discord server doesn't mean you have factions staff experience.

3. You must be professional and mature.

4. You must have a good quality microphone

5. You must have Discord

6. You must have at least 500 words in your application before submission.


If you believe that you have met all these requirements, then you may start filling out your application using the format listed below.


Staff Application Format

IGN (In-Game Name):


Region (NA/EU/AU/Other):

Do you have any previous staff experience?

Why would you like to become a staff member?

If accepted, how would you improve a player's experience on the network?

If you were to rate your staffing abilities on a scale of 1-10 what would it be and why? (Social/Emotional/Professionalism/Other):

Can any current staff members vouch for you (optional)

Additional Information?:


We wish those that take time out of their day to create a staff application for our server the best of luck. However, asking a staff member to review your application faster than others will result in an instant denial. Please be patient while we take your application into consideration.